Building a custom MinGW/MSYS development environment
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This guide describes how to build a custom MSYS/MinGW development environment on windows. The goal is to create a set of matching libraries that can be used to build your own programs, with SDL2, Qt 4 or GTK 2.

The guide was inspired by the Linux from Scratch way of working. If you have experience with building packages on Linux, building an MSYS/MinGW environment should feel familiar.

The directory structure emulates a traditional UNIX system with msys installation and the mingw compiler as base system in /usr, additional binaries in /opt and our own packages in /local32 and/or /local64.


Part 1: Setting up the base system
Part 2: Building local packages
Part 3: Building GTK+
Part 4: Buildling Qt
Part 5: Building extra tools
Part 6: Building projects








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